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Player Bios

Player profile: Ernest Pearson, Captain, Men's side
Full Name:Ernest Pearson
Nickname: “E”
Age :33
Family Members: Wife Kelli and son EJ
Hometown: Washington DC
High School: Hyde School DC
College: Ursinus College
  • Major: Sociology
  • Internships or Research: Penn Medicine Department of Mental Health
Employment: Mental Health Clinician

Years Playing Rugby: 17 yrs

Other Sports You’ve Played or Still Play: Football, Basketball

Other Interests: Coaching (Rugby, Soccer),
Classic/Antique Cars,

  • How did you get started playing rugby?
    • I started playing in HS at Hyde DC (Pride Rugby). The legendary Coach Tal Bayer pretty much forced me to play. After making up every excuse possible not to play I finally gave in and tried out for the team. That was almost 18 years ago, and I haven't stopped playing since.
  • What has been your favorite moment so far as a rugby player?
    • I’ll have to say playing in HS Nationals back in the day. I had the privilege of playing alongside a special group of guys and coaches who taught me everything I know about the sport. My experiences playing with Hyde Rugby were definitely some of my favorite.

Full Name: Patrick Wilder​
Nickname: Packy
Age: 35

Family Members: wife Lucy, daughter Eileen (4), son Ben (8 months)

Hometown: Fort Washington​​

High School: American School in London

If attended College:
- College: Dickinson College
- Major: Political Science

If Employed:
- Employment: BOA

Years Playing Rugby: less than a year

Other Sports You’ve Played or Still Play: lacrosse, crewOther Interests: woodworking


- How did you get started playing rugby? I played for a season for my high school team when I lived in London and decided to start playing again 19 years later.
- What has been your favorite moment so far as a rugby player? Suiting up for a game for the first time with Blackthorn.

Phil Shank

Full Name: Phillip Shank
Nickname: Phil, Five Meter Phil...
Age: 30
Family Members: Fiancé – Michelle; Parents – Dennis and Deborah Shank; Siblings – Sean, Lauren, Andrew and Maura.
Hometown: Cochranville
High School: Octorara High School
If attended College:
- College : Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
- Major: Philosophy
- Internship: National Whistleblowers Center
If Employed:
- Employment: Chubb Insurance
Years Playing Rugby: 7 years
Other Sports You’ve Played: Track and Field, Soccer
Other Interests: Hiking, Politics, Reading, Cooking
- How did you get started playing rugby?
I began playing in law school. I had ran track for years and still wanted to do a sport and the my school had a rugby club so I gave it a shot. Plus it was a great stress reliever.
- What has been your favorite moment so far as a rugby player? I don’t have so much a moment as what rugby has given me, given the camaraderie and brotherhood involved. I joined Blackthorn just a couple of years ago and feel like I had an instant group of lifelong friends.

Full Name: Anthony Kinsey
Nicknames: Turnpike Tony, Gameday Tony, Fat Tony, Soft Tony, Slow Tony, Scrum Half Tony, Token, Tony Rampage, Sir Tony the Ref and whatever nickname Al Corless gives me any given day.

Age: 32

Family Members: 3 brothers, 2 sisters

Hometown: Vineland, NJ
High school: Greencastle High School
College: Shippensburg University
Major: Psychology
Employment: Med Risk, Senior Provider Specialist
Years Playing Rugby: 12
Other sports you've played: Football, Wrestling, Track
Other Interests: Video games, movies, trivia
How did you get started playing rugby?
  • After high school I knew that I was too small to play QB in college, so I was going to focus on wresting in college. After a practice where I was DESTROYED by the recruited guys, I decided to take my talents to rugby
What has been your favorite moment so far as a rugby player?
  • Playing rugby while being stationed in Europe. I got a chance to see how the sport is played with different strategies, and a change to pick the brain of people who played on entirely different levels of competition.