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Update - week of November 1st

By Porter Yeungling, 11/01/21, 1:45PM EDT


MKS weekend November 13th - 3 games at College Settlement



Quick update on the men's game this past weekend.  It was a miserable, rainy drive on the way up to Wilkes Barre on the NE Extension, with multiple cars in the caravan to get us up there in time for an 11 am game.  The rain let up in time for the game, though.  The first half was a defensive struggle, featuring some incredible defense by Blackthorn near our try zone.  Blackthorn defenders rejected the Wilkes Barre attack time and time again.  Wilkes Barre did score a try at the 30 minute mark and the first half ended with the favored Breakers holding a 5-0 lead.  Blackthorn came back with 10 minutes gone in the second half with a penalty kick by Robbie Volrath to make the score 5-3.  However, WB put in 3 unanswered tries after that to take the match with a 22-3 score.  Man of the match went to flanker and defensive stalwart Jaron Ellison.  the side:  Walker, Walls, Petrilli, Hayes, Morton, Cliburn, Ellison, Umile, Johnson, Fillman, Kesse, Pearson, Faight, Golden, Vollrath.  Also seeing action were Fletcher, Andruskiewicz, Riddle, Wetere, and Porter.


Next up is Media on Nov. 13