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Blackthorn Old Boys

Blackthorn Old Boys -

This is the place for Old Boys, current players family members and other liars to share and embellish stories  and pictures from today back to 1971. If you have anything you would like to get in front of the club email us at with the information and we will take it from there

Monday Morning Props - May 21st

By Ned Bachus 05/21/2018, 1:45pm EDT


PHOTO: Support our Sevens Sponsor, Blackthorn’s Own Paul Reiser!


Massive Blackthorn Thanks to club alum PAUL REISER, owner of Cascade Pool Service, for stepping up in a truly massive way to support BRFC's Summer Sevens program this year. John "I'm not named after a beer" Porter will be running a combined sevens program from high school to college to men's. That's a lot of work that will benefit many people, and kudos to John for the role that he will ably perform. And making all of that possible is Paul Reiser, the club's official summer sevens sponsor, who generously will cover tournament fees for the entire summer season! Any club member who has a pool or who knows folks who have pools should think of Paul's CASCADE POOL SERVICE when it comes to servicing their pool. THANKS, PAUL!



Yes, more thanks are in order. In rec-Egg-nition of everything he has done over the last year or so to get the new website up and running, the club shouts its appreciation to Joe McIlhenny, who took the initiative to get it started and has put in a ton of time and effort to keep it up to date with club information that covers every level from the youngest side to Galante-aged veterans who remember John when he was only middle-aged.

Schedules and info are all there on the website. Club gear is available through the site, and these are high quality items, shipped directly and immediately to you (unlike the last few online stores we hosted). New information is being updated all the time. Eggerators are standing by at Egg Actually, that might be the only part of the process that Joe is not tending. So yet more massive thanks to Egg!



As noted above, Sevens will be heating up, as soon as Mother Nature allows. First actual practice at College Settlement Camp should be 7 PM on Tuesday, May 22—tomorrow! Again, John Porter will be leading the charge, with both new and old players welcome.

So far, the team is committed to playing in the following tournaments:
*June 9 @ Lehigh Valley
*June 16 @ North Penn
*June 30 @ Harrisburgh
*July 7 @ Sea Isle Ruggerfest



Perhaps the best way to say thanks is to feed people. No, to fill them with Yards beer!

Blackthorn’s Fourth Annual Crawfish Boil—Bugs & Beer! will be hosted by Men’s head coach Kajun Keith Reynolds. Plenty of mudbugs and cold Yards beer. Respond to the Facebook Invite or contact Keith if you want to join in on this great tradition. Open to friends, wives, girlfriends, kids, etc.


Blackthorn’s members showed up in numbers to help on the April Clean Up Day at CSC, and this was appreciated by all concerned. Great citizenship!


Thank you to Gigi Sturm for hosting the post-clean up cookout! Love our original and forever First Lady!

Mark your calendars. Wednesday, June 6, we need our help for the CSC June Supper Set Up, and the next night, Thursday, June 7, for the Supper Event. This is really easy work that pays our rent for using the fields at CSC, and is a great way to continue to build our relationship with the folks at CSC. Awesome to see overlap between the organizations.

Mark Barrett video 1 1980s