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Blackthorn Old Boys

Blackthorn Old Boys -

This is the place for Old Boys, current players family members and other liars to share and embellish stories  and pictures from today back to 1971. If you have anything you would like to get in front of the club email us at with the information and we will take it from there

Thanks to the following Alumni for paying their social dues

The Registration "Blackthorn Old Boys" is not currently available.

2023 Alumni Dues

Bob Kirkpatrick

Jim Reddy

Jack McClosky

Joe Grohovsky

Pat Luddy

Egg McIlhinney

Tim Marcolina

2022 Social Dues

Bob Kirkpatrick          Rodd Whitney

David Siwy                     Jason Dorwart 

Egg McIlhinney            Ned Bachus

Hans Sumpf                    Joe Stellato

Carl Ostermann

Bob Distel

Jim Reddy

2021 Social Dues

Duck McCarthy                 John Porter             Brad Allen                  

Bob Distel                              John Bielun            Kurt Grabfelder

Doc Brown                            Joe McCreavy      Bob Kirkpatrick

Rob Briggs                             Joe Dougherty     Jim Reddy

Egg McIlhinney                   Bill Pepper               Jim Kyle

                                                 Kevin McIlhinney              Brian Donnelly  

                                                Jason Dorwart                      Jason Sturm

                                                Tim Marcolina                        Zack Riddle

50 years of pics